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Sydney landscapers are the world leaders


American landscape architecture specialists the SWA Group have unveiled that Sydney landscapers are amongst the most sought after in the world.


The results came from a competition which saw landscapers from different countries complete different sections of a large landscaping project for Fuzhou YongtaiYouxin Real Estate.


General public were then surveyed on the results of the work completed and asked who they would employ to complete any landscaping work they needed done.


Concentrating on the landscaping element of a complex created for the Fuzhou YongtaiYouxin Real Estate, the project covered a large-scale, 45-hectare topic, surrounded by twelve small hills. The topic also includes a strong water component, as it acts as a watershed for the region.


The competition called for clusters of real estate that would showcase modern landscape design. The SWA Group required with their design mixing effortlessly with the natural environment, including rich plant between the buildings.


An existing lake was protected and ended up being central to the plot, integrated as a vital public space for the residential complex. It functions as a focal point for the design, unifying the site. Public paths and sculptural bridges produce a network of modern-day pathways and balconies that boost the complex's blood circulation and lead citizens to the water. Wood, metal and concrete complement subtly the scheme's calm gardens.


Apart from the residential component (from high increases to smaller scale townhouses), the task also featured a boutique hotel, a shopping area and clubhouses for citizens.This is not the only brand-new offering from the respected firm. Their Chongqing Dongyuan 1891 project near the Yangtze River was likewise recently finished, aiming to likewise incorporate the river's water component with the nearby Nan Mountain scenery to develop a contemporary, yet sensitive, urban sanctuary.

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